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The Catholic Bible



As part of the Tools for Life Facts and Activities Series, this resource provides fun and engaging ways to apply the wisdom and teachings of the Bible in everyday life. Beautifully designed and illustrated, readers will find puzzles, games and practical advice presented in a manner that is concise and easy to understand. Included are the lyrics to popular hymns and links to beautiful musical performances as well as the karaoke track versions online.



All Tools for Life resources are created by a team that includes a Catholic Theologian and former professor of Theology, educators, writers, workshop and retreat leaders, editors, and a creative director.


In the Beginning

Versions of the Catholic Bible

  • Which Version of the Bible Should I Use?
  • The Books of the Catholic Bible
  • How Do I Look Up a Bible Passage?

The Old Testament

  • The First Five Books
  • The Historical Books
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Famous People of the Old Testament
  • Wisdom Literature
  • The Prophets

The New Testament

  • The Four Gospels
  • The Birth of Jesus
  • The Parables of Jesus
  • The Beatitudes
  • The Twelve Apostles
  • Other Important People of the New Testament
  • The Passion and Death of Jesus
  • Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum
  • The Resurrection of Jesus
  • The Great Commission and Ascension
  • St. Paul
  • The Book of Revelation
  • The Early Church

Birds, Animals and Food Found in the Bible

Let’s Get Practical About the Bible

  • Journaling the Scriptures
  • Enthroning the Word of God in our Homes and Classrooms

Activities for better understanding

  • Bible Puzzler Activity
  • 21st Century Parables
  • The Wedding Planner for the Wedding at Cana
  • The Beatitudes – What Do They Mean for You Today?
  • Be a Super Hero
  • Faith-filled Put Ups
  • Create a Personal Bible Bookmark
  • Familiar Hymns

Continuing Your Journey of Faith

  • Basic Catholic Prayers
  • Where to Go When You Need Help
  • Saintly Inspirations
  • Called to Service
  • Building a Catholic Bookshelf
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